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A Message to DegreeVerify Website Users

Over the past several years, the National Student Clearinghouse has implemented numerous initiatives to enhance overall customer satisfaction with our DegreeVerify service (verifications of degrees or school certificates and dates of attendance), including:

  • Expanding DegreeVerify school coverage and participation via multiple successful school outreach campaigns
  • Improving usability through numerous website enhancements
  • Enhancing the process when DegreeVerify requests aren't immediately confirmed and are sent to schools for research
  • Improving customer service by upgrading our phone systems and processes
  • Enhancing our infrastructure to support improved file processing capability, faster network connectivity and increased storage capacity.

To enable us to continue to invest in the overall improvement and support of DegreeVerify, we are increasing the price of the DegreeVerify service sold through our website to $12.50 per confirmed transaction, plus applicable school surcharges, effective September 1, 2015. We thank you for your support of DegreeVerify and commit to continue to focus on building its value.

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